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1 payment of $549 USD

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4 monthly payments of $150 USD

4 monthly payments of $189 CAD

Take Control of Your Day… and Your Life

The Plan to Succeed Formula Master Program helps you master planning that puts you in charge of your time, your business and your life. It will take your productivity to heights you can’t even imagine. Picture your life if you could…


Plan, execute and deliver… anything.


We’ll offer at least two weekly timeslots, one in the evening and one daytime slot.

  • September 30, 2020 – Quick Start
  • Week of October 7, 2020 – Program Begins
  • Week of November 4, 2020 – Break
  • Week of November 11, 2020 – Program Resumes
  • Week of December 9, 2020 – Holiday Break (End of full program)
  • Week of January 13, 2021 – Get Your Year in Gear Bonus
  • Week of January 27, 2021 – You Are the Master of Your Time


Start Strong: The First Step to the Achiever’s Mental Game


The Bonus Quick Start Guide live kick-off session is your roadmap to sail through this program having fun instead of getting overwhelmed. Together, we'll:

  • Create an Action Plan for success– guaranteed to work if you work it.
  • Establish your "Implementation Intention"– the secret to breaking through from "dream" to DONE!
  • Complete your Plan to Succeed pre-assessment– you can only travel in the right direction when you know where you stand.
  • Connect with your Planning Pods– "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb.
  • Set you up to win– We'll make sure you don't fall behind because of a technical glitch.


Supercharged Learning for Creative Geniuses


We train Creative Geniuses. We train YOU. We bake every learning best practice into this course. We know you want to achieve peak productivity and reach your full potential. You’ll quadruple your success rate with our supercharged learning approach for Creative Geniuses.

  • You have 24/7 access to all training materials, downloads and instructionsthrough a members-only New content is released each week. Learn when YOU learn best.
  • Each lesson is delivered in video, downloadable audio and text. Learn how YOU learn best. Many people get exceptional results using multiple approaches, such as reading along with the audio recording.
  • How quickly you learn varies from person to person. Our members usually complete each module in roughly 2-3 hours per week. You'll gain that time back and more as you use what you learn the program.

Fast Forward to Through-the-Roof Productivity

  • We Make It Your Mission: After each lesson, we assign your mission for the week with precise instructions to use what you learn in your own life. We give you clarity on key takeaways.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Each week, we enjoy a meeting of the minds. Ask questions, get answers, have breakthroughs and tackle each new pillar transformed.
  • Never Miss Anything. We record all live sessions. You can download them and listen at your computer or on the go. Watch and listen to each session as many times as you want.
  • Planning Pods, groups of two, three or four participants support each other throughout the program. Our “Buddy System” is so effective, groups from programs we ran months and years ago still meet!
  • Celebration Time, Come On! We celebrate your progress every session. And of course, we finish the program off with a "graduation" celebration!

1 payment of $549 USD

1 payment of $699 CAD

4 monthly payments of $150 USD

4 monthly payments of $189 CAD

Your Plan to Succeed Formula for Greatness

The Plan to Succeed Formula Mastery program is the world’s best group coaching and training program for entrepreneurs, professionals and adults with ADHD who want to take control of their time, and their lives. This program offers you the strategies, tactics, tools you need as a Creative Genius. To achieve peak productivity. To reach your full potential. And to have the freedom you crave.

Over the program, we'll cover:

Module 1: The Plan to Succeed Formula, the Secret Formula to Unleash Your Creative Genius

We start with an overview of the Plan to Succeed Formula. You perform best with a clear vision. We help you define what your solution will look like, and then we create your ideal system.

Module 2: Eliminate the Barriers to Planning That Are Holding You Back

New empowering beliefs are part of the Achiever’s Mind Game. You’ll resist change and fall back on old habits. Since we know that, expect and overcome your resistance. We even help you overcome others’ resistance to you changing!

Module 3: Your Robust Plan to Succeed Formula Frees You from the Past So You Can Move Forward

A transition plan is essential to the Achiever’s Game Plan. Every fresh start fails without a transition plan. Otherwise, you’re trapped by failed plans and forgotten promises. You know where you get stuck. So do we. Together, we’ll reclaim your life.

Module 4: The Weekly Planning Process, the First Week of the Rest of Your Life

The weekly planning process is the heart of the Achiever’s Playbook. We combine your natural ability with a fool-proof system. This process pulls together planning, task management and scheduling. We explain it and practice it until you’re a master.

Module 5: Prioritization for Creative Geniuses Ensures You’re Working Where You Should

Big Picture prioritizing delivers consistent progress and creates forward momentum. You’ll prioritize your tasks, your time and your energy using criteria that are actually meaningful to you. Prioritization is easy when you can picture how everything helps bring your vision to life.

Module 6: Make Life Easier, Adopt a New Ritual

Rituals are powerful in the Achiever’s Game Plan because they offload the heavy lifting and prevent decision fatigue from derailing your projects. Unlocking the power of habit and ritual in the Plan to Succeed Formula makes your life easier to manage!

Module 7: Creative Genius Life Management Makes Dreams Come True

With big-picture, project-based task management, say goodbye to your endless To Do list. The Achiever’s Playbook prevents crises and keeps ALL your projects moving forward. Finally, you’ll make real, measurable progress on your projects, and your goals.

Module 8: Selecting Your Current Tasks and Activities

You are the promises you keep. Be someone people count on. When we clear your Achiever’s Game Plan of the clutter of unfinished projects and meaningless tasks, we create the clarity that lets you deliver. Every. Single. Time.

Module 9: The Achiever’s Game Plan Is Your Map to Success

Your agenda translates your vision to concrete actions and real deliverables. As you apply what you learn, we’ll reveal strategies to prevent overwhelm. Your agenda becomes both your sword and your shield. Get more done. Have more free time.

Module 10: Your First Solo “Flight” Plan

We bring it all together with a step-by-step tour and demo of the Plan to Succeed Formula. Together we apply the Achiever’s Mental Game, the Achiever’s Game Plan and the Achiever’s Playbook in your life to free up hours of your day. Become the confident master of your own life you deserve to be.

Module 11: Leaders Are Prepared and On Time

Prepared people are punctual. When you’re prepared and on time, you contribute more, you’re recognized as a leader, and you sound smarter. You earn a well-deserved reputation for delivering and honoring commitments. And you’ll be on time, every time.

Module 12: Conquer Procrastination and Do What You Want When You Want

We’ll end frustration and wasted time when you’re not prepared or you “don’t feel like it.” It’s impossible to follow the Achiever’s Game Plan when you can’t get started. The Achiever’s Playbook gives you proven strategies to conquer procrastination every time.

Module 13: Manage Expectations and Avoid Overcommitment

It seems impossible to satisfy the people who count on you. The Achiever’s Playbook is a dance with other’s needs and expectations. Say “yes” and mean it. And when you say “no” – they’ll thank you for your honesty. You’ll earn a reputation for delivering and never again feel the shame of disappointing people counting on you.


Everything to Guarantee Your Success


I want you to experience a transformation in your life like the one Duane and our entire family realized. That’s why I’m including extra training and extra support you'll find nowhere else!

  • Bonus 1: Quick Start Guide Before we even begin, we lay out your roadmap. We want you to succeed and to enjoy the experience. Start strong with strategies to make change easier and prevent overwhelm. (Value: $100 US)
  • Bonus 2: 8 Business Hours We open (at least) two hours a month for four months for personal consultation. This is your chance to ask questions and get personalized advice one-on-one. Visit the “professor’s office” for laser-focused help with your unique challenges. (Value: $800 US)
  • Bonus 3: 16 Productivity Hours We open (at least) four hours a month for four months. During these optional sessions, we all take advantage of body doubling. Working with a body double is powerful. It’s your chance to get anything you’ve struggled with done. (Value: $500 US)
  • Bonus 4: 3 Planning Clinics We conduct (at least) three planning clinics to help you master your planning process. During these group sessions, we combine body doubling and planning demos. As a group, we do our weekly planning together in real time. Every participant can ask questions and get help on the spot. (Value: $225 US)
  • Bonus 5: Get Your Year in Gear Following the end of the program, we’ll help you launch your year with a bang. Together, we’ll take a holistic view of your life. We’ll help you define your long-term business and personal goals. Then we’ll apply the Plan to Succeed Formula to break them into projects, tasks and rituals. You’ll be set for success and ready to realize your dreams. (Value: $300 US)
  • Bonus 6: Your ADHD Couple: Mastering Life with Your Partner When One is Focused and the Other is Not Duane and I had work to do to repair our relationship, and we both had a lot to learn. This bonus will give you and your partner a process for finding clarity so you can finally get the support each of you needs. (Value: $100 US)
  • We always throw in other surprises… but we can’t tell you what they are because that would spoil the surprise!


My Guarantee: The 14-Day Test Drive


I'm committed to your success so I want you to test drive the program at no risk. If you follow what we teach, you will transform your life. I guarantee it. That's why I want you to commit to "playing full out" in this program. Don't do it for me - do it for you.

Work through the program for two weeks. If you don’t love it, email me any time in the first 14 days. Show me you’re doing the work, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund.

By the way, I ask to see your work because I know if you put what I teach into action, you will get results. But, if you’re thinking of buying without doing anything, you and I both know you won’t make any progress.

I’m not interested in spending energy supporting “tire kickers.” I hope that’s not you.

That’s why I want you to go through the course for 14 days, put what I share into action and begin enjoying the benefits.

1 payment of $549 USD

1 payment of $699 CAD

4 monthly payments of $150 USD

4 monthly payments of $189 CAD

Where Will You Be One Year from Now?


A year from now, you will arrive. The question is… where? Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.

We’ve created a program we can guarantee will deliver massive breakthroughs. We're all working together to transform your life for the better.

Everything You need to Know

We teach 10 Pillars covering 13 modules over more than 3 months. We pace the program to give you time to integrate the lessons into your life. This program isn’t about finishing fast, it’s about transforming your life.

It will be the best gift you ever gave your family. It’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself. There will be no better time. No excuse is worth delaying seizing control of your life. If you’re too busy to take this program, doesn’t that confirm what you already know?

Think of the money you’ve spent on productivity programs that didn’t meet your needs.

Delivered the Way You Learn Best

You’ve never had training delivered the way you learn best. You’ve never had training supported by expert coaching and mentoring. We provided everything you’ve never had before. Everything you need to succeed.

You have time to learn and experiment with the strategies. You have help to apply what you learn. You have peers to compare notes with. You’ll cheer each other on. And experts guide you at every step.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

  • Isn’t this a completely different approach to planning than anything you’ve seen before?
  • How frustrated will you be in 6 months if you miss this opportunity to get the results you and your family need?
  • How much is your freedom is worth?

I look forward to seeing you in the program.

Click the button below and register right now.

1 payment of $549 USD

1 payment of $699 CAD

4 monthly payments of $150 USD

4 monthly payments of $189 CAD