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Unleash Your Full Potential with the

Plan to Succeed 2.0

Game-Changing Planning Program

Own Your Future

No more dancing to someone else's tune. Plan your work. Work your plan. Reclaim your life.

Silence the Skeptics

Never forget a promise or obligation again. Be the person people count on.

Take Control

Confidently control your day. When the “rubber meets the road,” you grip the road like glue.

Plan to Succeed 2.0

You spoke. We listened.

We didn't create Plan to Succeed 2.0 overnight. It's been years in the making. We've been right there in the trenches with you, our fellow Creative Geniuses. We gathered all your comments, feedback, needs, wants, and wishes. Then, we rolled all that wisdom into this all-inclusive program.

Here's the deal: Plan to Succeed 2.0 is all about giving you the reins to your time, your business, and your life. We're talking about boosting your productivity to levels that might sound out of this world.

Forget everything you thought you knew about time management...

Time Management DOESN’T WORK!

Not for you. Never has.

Never will!


Ready to rock your planning game? Check out the amazing features you're getting with Plan to Succeed 2.0:

🔓 Lifetime-Access Portal: 24/7/365. Dive into your planning when you want.

👐 'Learn by Doing': No boring theory here. Apply what you learn in real life.

👥 Group Training and Coaching: Learn with peers. Built-in support and accountability.

💡 One-on-One Support: Got a unique challenge? We've got your back with personalized help.

🛠️ Guided Workshops: Step-by-step, we'll help you nail down the planning process.

🤝 Peer 'Planning Pods': Team up and stay on track together.

🌟 Private Creative Genius Community: Connect with people who totally get you, your fellow Creative Geniuses.

 🎓 Multimodal Material Delivery: Aural learner? Visual learner? Prefer diving into text? We've got you covered.

📊 Plan to Succeed Kanban Adaptation: Visual planners, we've got a game-changer for you.

🚀 Unbelievable Bonuses: Get Your Year in Gear 2024Conquer Procrastination Now! and our renowned Quick Start program. Plus, there's more awesome stuff (details below).

Plan, Execute, and Achieve Anything with

Plan to Succeed 2.0!

Affordable Payment Plans Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that making one payment upfront can be challenging. That's why we offer flexible payment plans designed to suit your budget.

1 payment of $1,399 USD


1 payment of $1,699 CAD


6 monthly payments of
$250 USD


6 monthly payments of
$295 CAD



I hope you'll join me on this video tour of Plan to Succeed 2.0


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Still have questions?

Read on!

Welcome to

Plan to Succeed 2.0

The Best-Ever Planning Program for Creative Geniuses Like You

Learn and Apply the Game-Changing  Plan to Succeed Approach to 

Own Your Future, Silence the Skeptics and Take Control of Your Life


This All-Inclusive Training Program begins

10-11 October 2023


Welcome to Plan to Succeed 2.0, Where You Take the Wheel. Destination? The Future You Want!

If you're an entrepreneur, professional, or someone with ADHD, and you're tired of running against the clock like a rat in a maze with no way out, you're in the right place.

Our unique 'learn by doing' approach is tailored for Creative Geniuses like you. Say goodbye to traditional 'time management' that falls short. With this program, you'll grasp the strategies, tools, and tactics to truly master your time, skyrocket your productivity, unlock your potential, and embrace the freedom you've been longing for.

Let's Rewrite Your Story

Picture this: You've got a plan. And you're not just making it - you're nailing it. But it sounds like a dream when...

📜 Your To-Do list has grown into a To-Do "book" of neglected tasks.

🛤️ Every plan derails before you even start. What's the point?

Starting is a battle, and the clock runs out before you've even begun.

😓 Overwhelm clouds your vision. Choosing the next move feels impossible.

🏆 Past failures haunt you, a never-ending list of missed opportunities.

🚨 Constant interruptions and new emergencies leave your tasks unfinished.

🤝 Overcommitted, you miss deadlines and disappoint people counting on you.

Broken promises pile up. You’ve lost trust. You don't even believe yourself anymore!

🧠 Self-doubt and self-criticism are constant companions.

❄️Deep focus work is impossible when you can't clear your schedule.

Following through is an unattainable dream, one that could transform your life.

And to top it off, you've earned a reputation — they know they can't rely on you.

It's painful and frustrating, knowing your potential, trying your best, yet always ending up in the same spot. But guess what? Your unique ADHD brain holds the secret to success. You're missing just one thing: the key to unlock your productivity.

Crush Your Self-Doubts!

Ever find yourself plagued by negativity and self-doubt? It's a shadow that lingers, stealing your confidence and self-esteem. Maybe you've muttered, "I'll never amount to anything," or wondered, "What's wrong with me?"

My husband Duane, a Creative Genius, felt trapped by shame, and mired in self-doubt. That is until he unleashed the strategies you'll discover in this program. But his struggles were never his fault. And they're not yours either.

🧠Traditional 'time management' systems juggle hours, days, and weeks. But for a Creative Genius like you, it's all about managing attention, not just time.

😫Popular systems overload your executive functions, leaving you more frustrated than ever.

🚫Time blindness is a sneaky roadblock to Creative Genius productivity overlooked by so-called gurus.

You deserve a system that aligns with your unique brain. And you need to use that system the right way. The way that seals every leak so nothing slips through the cracks. Conventional time management systems lead to frustration and the false belief that something's wrong with you.

Duane tried every 'time management' course out there, only to see them crash and burn, nearly costing him his job, his career, and his family.

But guess what? It doesn't have to be that way for you.

Unleash Your Creative Genius Potential

Duane wasn't broken, and neither are you. Those other solutions don't align with your Creative Genius brain.

But we've crafted the ultimate program, tailor-made for your success. And we guarantee it.

📈A Guided Life Transformation System — Guaranteed

I’m so proud of Plan to Succeed 2.0. It's the culmination of years of insights gleaned working with countless Creative Geniuses. We took what we learned and created nothing short of a guided life transformation system.

You'll master daily and life planning as a Creative Genius. You'll achieve unprecedented levels of productivity. And navigate life with a confidence you’ve never known. How can we be so sure?

📌Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

Because we crafted this program with Creative Geniuses in mind. We loaded it with techniques honed for people like you. And we’ve seen people just like you harness these tools to achieve remarkable feats.

You’ll master the ideal planning approach for Creative Geniuses through hands-on experience. We don't just give you the tools. We ensure you master them, leaving no room for anything to slip through the cracks.

🌠 Achieve Your Dreams

You've wrestled with the chaos of day-to-day life — at home and at work — for too long. Surviving today drains your energy, obscuring the dreams you hold for tomorrow. With Plan to Succeed 2.0, you'll regain control over your life. You'll chase those ambitious dreams once more. And you'll achieve them!

Achieve Your Goals with the Plan to Succeed 2.0 Advantage

With Plan to Succeed 2.0, you’ll:

💡 Master tools tailored for Creative Geniuses to plan your work and flawlessly execute your plan.

📜 Tame your To-Do list. Transform your system into a powerhouse that propels you toward your goals.

🚀 Make tangible, measurable progress on your projects. Stop the cycle of never-ending tasks.

✅ Feel the deep satisfaction of checking off tasks (without immediately adding three more!)

💪 Build unwavering self-confidence. Be the consummate professional people admire and count on.

🤝 Never again forget a promise or obligation! Become the go-to person others trust.

🚧 Remove obstacles to your productivity. Leap ahead AND enjoy free time.

Never miss another appointment, deadline, or commitment. Know what needs to be done and when.

🔥 Put an end to firefighting. With planning that works, you're never at the mercy of a crisis.

🏆 Feel competent. Take full responsibility for your life. And full credit for your success.

🕒 Effortlessly organize time, seamlessly transitioning from the big picture to critical details.

🤩 Feel a sense of pride – and rightly so – when you dazzle others with your newfound preparedness at meetings and events.

Unlock your potential with Plan to Succeed 2.0!

Plan to Succeed 2.0: Tailored for Creative Geniuses!

Imagine conquering your fear of planning. No more memory struggles. Solve time blindness and your aversion to details. Eliminate interruptions, boost motivation, and build momentum.

First, you'll master the art of planning for Creative Geniuses. Then you'll put in place your perfect system. The transformation is nothing short of amazing. Become the person everyone relies on to deliver what you promise

Why Plan to Succeed 2.0 is YOUR solution:

🧠 It’s created by ADHDers for ADHDers. We use the latest, tested, and proven Creative Genius-friendly methods and techniques.

🌟 Every victory builds your confidence and a well-deserved reputation for delivering on commitments. You’ll set and achieve goals beyond what’s possible in your wildest imagination now.

⚔️ Your agenda becomes both your sword and shield. Tackle any list or project, demolish obstacles, and gracefully avoid over-commitments.

🧭 "To know and not to do is not to know." – Stephen Covey – You'll learn AND put your newfound knowledge to work. You’ll create the life you desire.  

🚀 Each lesson propels you in the right direction, delivering results from day one. Think better, get organized, prioritize, plan, and deliver like never before.

🎉 It's effective AND it's FUN! Use custom tools like worksheets, checklists, decision trees, and time maps. Improving productivity becomes a joy.

🎯 "Ninety percent of success is showing up." In Plan to Succeed 2.0, your success odds are even higher. Learn, apply, transform, repeat – together.

You have NOTHING to lose... except more wasted time. 🕒

Make a life-changing choice for yourself and your loved ones! Stop feeling broken, and truly Plan to Succeed as a Creative Genius!

Supercharged Learning for Creative Geniuses

Get 24/7 access to the private portal. Access all training materials, downloads, and instructions. Anywhere. Anytime.

We Offer the Best Tools for Self-Paced Learning

You learn differently, and we've got you covered. We deliver each lesson as:

📽️ Engaging short videos for visual learners.

🔊 Downloadable audio for those who absorb information through sound.

📖 Detailed text transcripts for reading enthusiasts.

Plan to Succeed 2.0 adapts to YOU! Many of our members find success combining methods. (Try reading along with audio recordings. It works wonders!)

But If You Work Best with People Around, We've Got You Covered

Join our weekly sessions led by experienced leaders and connect with fellow participants. Learning is easier when you have a supportive community by your side. You've faced challenges alone for too long; it's time for a change.

Every learner is unique, and we respect that. Most members complete each module in just 1-2 hours per week. Plus, we provide a weekly 90-minute Implementation session. (Tuesday at 2 p.m. Eastern or Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Eastern.) We work through exercises together, offering full support along the way.

The knowledge you gain here is incredibly effective. Apply what you learn. You'll recoup the time you invest and more. Get ready for a supercharged learning journey!

Discover the Plan to Succeed 2.0 'Secret Sauce'

Sure, strategies are fantastic, but they're useless if you can't apply them to your life, right? That's where Plan to Succeed 2.0's "secret sauce" comes in!

This program is different. EVERYTHING works together to help you put these strategies into ACTION. That's why we deliver real, tangible results!

You know the saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"? Well, we're all about the "together" part. With our hands-on training approach, we won’t leave you in the dark, trying to figure it out solo. We SHOW you what to do, and then we DO it together. You're never alone in this journey.

If past attempts have left you feeling stuck, it's time to redefine what's possible. No other program caters to Creative Geniuses quite like this.

Here's what you'll achieve:

🎨 Develop YOUR unique approach. Take control of your time, business, and life, Creative Genius-style!

💪 Empower yourself with a solid plan, a structured framework, and the freedom of being in charge.

🦅 Soar high with newfound time, energy, and a clear plan to chase your passions.

Let us guide you toward unlocking your full Creative Genius potential. We'll help you craft a roadmap to success and ensure you stay on course. Get ready to savor every moment and live the life you've been dreaming of!

Your First Step to Breakthrough Thinking

We've crafted this entire program from the ground up, and it's ready to catapult you to success from Day One!

Come to our Bonus Quick Start Guide live kick-off session. We'll embark on this journey together. We’ll ensure you're not overwhelmed but having a blast along the way. Here's what we'll do:

📋 Create an Action Plan for success – and trust us, it's a guaranteed game-changer (if you put in the effort!)

🎮 Get your game face on – because we've gamified Plan to Succeed 2.0 to make it engage and keep you motivated.

🌟 Establish your "Implementation Intention" – the secret to turning your dreams into DONE deals!

🗺️ Complete your Plan to Succeed pre-assessment. Knowing where you stand sets the stage for a remarkable journey.

🤝 Connect with the Creative Genius Community. Link up with your fellow Creative Geniuses, all aboard Plan to Succeed 2.0.

🚀 Connect with your Planning Pods. As the African Proverb says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together."

🏆 Set you up for victory. Technical glitches won't hold you back on this path to success. We've got your back!

Fast Forward to Through-the-Roof Productivity

This isn't your typical learning experience, folks!

  • 📣 Live Sessions. These are your gateway to each lesson. They're brimming with training, coaching, guidance, and heaps of encouragement.

    🚀 Your Weekly Mission: After each lesson, we hand you a personalized mission for the week. It's like your secret agent assignment to apply your newfound knowledge in your own life.

    🤝 We've Got Your Back: Knowing is one thing, doing is another. We're in this together, applying each lesson as a team. Camaraderie and accountability fuel your path to success!

    📽️ Never Miss a Beat: Can't make it to a live session? No problem! We record them all. Download and watch at your leisure or tune in on the go.

    💬 Keep the Chat Rolling. Join our private community platform to stay connected with your fellow participants. The learning never stops!

    🤝 Planning Pod Buddy System: You won't walk this path alone. Our buddy system groups you with two, three, or four participants for mutual support. Support during the program, AND for years to come!

    🎉 Time to Celebrate! We wrap it all up with a "graduation" celebration. You're equipped for a life that's balanced and fulfilling. Remember, no system works unless you work it – and together, we've built that planning habit!

1 payment of $1,399 USD


1 payment of $1,699 CAD


6 monthly payments of
$250 USD


6 monthly payments of
$295 CAD


Life Saving Advice You Can’t Miss

I'm on a mission to supercharge your life, like Duane and our entire family experienced. That's why I've thrown in some exclusive bonus training you won't find anywhere else!



🏁Get Your Year in Gear 2024

The secret to successful planning for Creative Geniuses? It's having a clear view of the big picture and a foolproof process to handle the nitty-gritty details. And guess what? Plan to Succeed 2.0 delivers both!

🎉 Happy New Year!  As you step into January, gear up to make 2024 your most remarkable year yet. But what will you do with your newfound powers? Enter the Get Your Year in Gear (GYYIG) training. Together, we’ll answer that very question.

💥Start YourYear with a Bang! A successful journey begins with a single step. And a crystal-clear vision of your destination. GYYIG is this three-part bonus workshop to start your successful journey. We'll help you tap into your inner voice, expressing your hopes, dreams, and desires. Together, we'll create a vision for your future that truly resonates with you.

📊 Take Stock We'll embark on exercises that examine where you've been and where you are right now. It's all about gaining insight into your unique journey.

🎯 Define Success... Your Success We'll clarify your destiny and your chosen destination. While setting goals is essential, they're not magic spells. In GYYIG, we'll help you create goals and define projects and habits to pave the way to achieving those goals.

🌉 Bridging the Implementation Gap Knowing what to do is one thing, but doing it is where the magic happens. We designed Plan to Succeed 2.0 to help you turn knowledge into action. If you've ever set goals you struggled to make real, you've felt the Implementation Gap. GYYIG is your bridge to success, helping you reach your goals and live your dreams.

Ready to make 2024 your year to shine? Enroll in Plan to Succeed 2.0 now, and let's make it happen together!


🚫Conquer Procrastination Now!

"DON'T WAIT" has never been more crucial. Procrastination can be a real roadblock, especially for our fellow ADHD Creative Geniuses. But worry not, we've crafted one of the most advanced procrastination-busting approaches just for you.

🔑 Custom Solutions: One size doesn't fit all, especially for Creative Geniuses. Our years of helping folks conquer procrastination led to the ultimate self-paced, self-coaching program. Say goodbye to the waiting game!

🧐 Diagnose and Defeat. Identify where procrastination is lurking, pinpoint its source, and apply your tailor-made solution. This upcoming program isn’t released yet. But it’s a game-changer, and it's worth a pretty penny on its own. But we want you to have it right away, so we're bundling it with Plan to Succeed 2.0.

Procrastination? Not anymore! Say goodbye to patchwork solutions and unreliable fixes.


🚀 Quick Start Guide to Creative Genius Learning

We've revamped the Quick Start Guide to Creative Genius Learning. Your head can sometimes throw you off track, but fear not! We've unveiled the optimal Creative Genius approach to learning.

🛣️ Sail Through the Program. We'll help you chart a course to breeze through this program. Hands-on learning is at the core of every lesson. Learning becomes an enjoyable adventure, not a daunting task.

🎓Master this strategy and you'll ace any course you take. You’ll double or even triple any courses’ value because you'll finish it and apply what you learn!

Unlock Your Creative Genius Greatness with Plan to Succeed 2.0

We get you. We've been there too, alongside thousands of other Creative Geniuses!

This is your personal invitation to embark on the path to your best self. Our Plan to Succeed 2.0 program is your gateway to unleashing your full potential. We've poured years of expertise into crafting this journey to ensure you achieve greatness.

It’s painful and frustrating to spin your wheels, no matter how hard you try. But here's the thing: your ADHD-brain is wired for success, and we have the key to unlock your productivity. It’s time to break free.

To tap into your Creative Genius, the Three Pillars of Success must align:

1️⃣ Achiever’s Mental Game

It's all about rewiring thought patterns holding you back. You need a fresh perspective on time, the right beliefs, and a mindset that propels you forward.

2️⃣ Achiever’s Game Plan

A one-size-fits-all planning system won't cut it. You deserve a planning process tailored to your Creative Genius needs. We've got you covered.

3️⃣ Achiever’s Playbook

Mastering the planning game takes practice. Together, we'll create and fine-tune a dynamic approach to planning. You’ll have the tools to ensure peak productivity and a balanced life.

Plan to Succeed 2.0, and our team, guide you every step of the way. We're with you through every twist and turn. We’ll help you master every aspect of planning as a Creative Genius.

You are a Creative Genius. Our mission is to empower you to express yourself fully and find peace of mind. Your path to success begins here.

Your Life-Changing Decision Awaits!

You've weighed the options, talked it over, and analyzed every angle. It's a big decision, no doubt. And we get it, you want to make the right choice.

But here's the thing, my friend. Opportunity is knocking, and it won't wait around forever.

🤔 What Will You Regret Most? 🤔

Often, we're so focused on the fear of making a wrong decision that we forget the real regret comes when we don’t act.

We don't regret trying, even if we stumble. We regret the chances we didn't take, the opportunities we let slip by.

⏰ Decision Time is NOW

Your destiny is calling, and it's time to answer. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers. Registration is closing soon, and the countdown timer is ticking away.

🚀 Join Us at the Quick Start Session! 🚀

Seize the moment. Make your move. Let's embark on this life-changing journey together!

My 100% Risk-Free 15-Day Challenge

The strategies we'll dive into have transformed the lives of thousands. I know they'll work wonders for you, too. But here's the deal – I'm not looking for half-hearted commitments. I want you to go all in, headfirst, for one simple reason: YOUR SUCCESS.

This isn't about me. It's about YOU.

So, here's my commitment to you: Take a full-on test drive of this program over the next 15 days. Immerse yourself in it, give it your all, and watch the magic happen.

But, if by any chance, you don't feel I've delivered on my promise, no worries! Just ask for a refund (less the Paypal fee), and I'll promptly return your investment. It's as simple as that.

Your success is my priority. Let's make this journey together, with absolutely no risk involved.


1 payment of $1,399 USD


1 payment of $1,699 CAD


6 monthly payments of
$250 USD


6 monthly payments of
$295 CAD


Choose Your Destination

Picture this: One year from today, you'll arrive at your destination. But here's the big question: Where will that be? The choice is yours.

Will you be celebrating incredible achievements, having mastered your time and life? Or will you still be stuck in the same old routines, yearning for change?

The path to your dreams starts with a single step. Take that step today and register for Plan to Succeed 2.0. Your journey to a brighter, more fulfilling future begins now!

What other people are saying...
about Plan to Succeed

Company President from
Montreal, Canada

“...the Plan to Succeed program -- it has been extremely helpful and has really impacted my life positively. I feel much more in control of my time and have managed to find better balance in my life.”


in Social Development from Ontario

" I can best explain the changes in my life through its emotional impact. Near the beginning of the course, I cried a couple of times. They were mostly cathartic cries. I was anxious at the beginning... I considered asking for a refund, because I decided a planning course really wasn’t going to help me. But I decided I should stick with it for at least one or two more weeks. I’m so very glad I did!"

Research Scientist from

The program definitely helped. Structuring my days better, much easier to track my tasks cross project and record delegation of tasks. I'm having to remember less in my brain. That's helping me be clearer across the day. I also recognise my biggest compounding factor is overcommitment, which I will be focusing on next! It's clear to me that that is what is fueling the stress and work hours. Our last goals session have also helped me reflect on the other things I want to have in my life, so overcommitment at work must be overcome to achieve these - I want to!


Isabelle Delaney,
Counsellor from

The program has helped me find my confidence back. I learned a lot about what the source of my difficulties were and what can help alleviate the negative consequences linked to not understand why the difficulties were there in the first place. I understood that I can do the job I want to do, provided I manage my time well and put routines in place. Creativity does not need to mean chaos and routine does not have to mean boredom.

Sidney M.,
Empowered woman from Oakland, California

“I’m really happy with the things I’ve done. It’s a huge difference from just taking the meds and saying oh well!”


Josée M.,
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“I’m so much calmer and I think it’s the confidence too, much more confident...”

from Charleston, West Virginia

“The idea of keeping project notes was alone worth the cost of the class. That one tiny piece of information alone for ME was invaluable based on my needs. I knew that as soon as I learned about it that this was what was missing for my writing projects.”


Colette Sosnowy,
Researcher from Providence, RI

The PTS course offered so much more than I expected! I learned tremendously about myself, my challenges, and my thinking.


About our approach to Creative Genius learning ...


in Social Development, from Ontario

The materials we received were very useful, and I will refer back to them in the future when I need a refresher. All the forms of support – pods, business hours to ask questions 1-on-1, productivity hours with body doubling and the planning clinics – contributed to me learning so much from the course, implementing what I learned, and improving my productivity and wellbeing. 

Kurt Schroeder,
Insurance Sales, from Illinois

“...the first thing [you told us] was, ‘Don't sit through the course and tell myself that I will apply everything after I've learned it all.’…  That is exactly what I would have done had you not put it in the context that you put it in. And I did apply things as they came up.”

About the weekly missions…


from Charleston, West Virginia

“Very helpful was... good advice and encouraging words from Duane and Linda about feeling free to experiment and try new things and not to be discouraged if they don't work and to try again”


in Social Development, from Ontario

“…so many incredibly insightful personal experiences and shared them in such a way that I got it the first time and wow, experiences that I will be reflecting on for a very long time.”

Kurt Schroeder,
Insurance Sales, Illinois

“It was wonderful to share experiences, ask questions, get advice on applying the lesson, and other aspects.”

About working in a group...

Josée M.,
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“but it’s great because I see all your accomplishments and how happy everybody is and even if it’s a tiny one, it’s a tiny one... I cherish these calls… usually I start something and then wiggle out but with this program, I can’t wait to see you all, see how your weeks went.”

About Planning Pods…


in Social Development, from Ontario

“The pods were probably what convinced me (as the “cherry on the cake”) because from past experience I know they can be a tremendous support. We continue to meet twice a week to plan and support each other. I really enjoy our sessions.

Josée M.,
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“…a realization that I’m not alone, hey there are other people that are struggling too and it’s great to laugh and to hear everybody’s victories, it just makes me happy, it really does.”

About the Creative Genius lifestyle...

Sidney M.,
Empowered woman, from Oakland, California

I have a really clear picture of what I need to get my sleep be really regular so I’ve had it going on… wow boy I’m really in the captain’s seat now…. So I’m pretty much in charge of my sleep.”

Susan M.,
Entrepreneur, from Oregon

"I'm getting more done, I have some more time for myself, I have a plan for exercise..."

Kurt Schroeder,
Insurance Sales, from Illinois

"I have become so conscious of what I should eat and what I shouldn’t eat... [I] went off my eating plan… and I noticed after one day what a mistake that was and I got back on it and I’m doing better again”

Susan M.,
Entrepreneur, from Oregon

"Shutting down the negative narrative and replacing with the positive one is enormous, it’s not just in de-talk to yourself, you’re doing something really astonishing to your brain when you’re being positive as opposed to negative."

About achieving peak productivity...


in Social Development, from Ontario

“I have changed so much over the course and I continue to make improvements. All the components in the course worked so well together.”

Isabelle Delannoy,

Counsellor from England

“...I can do the job I want to do, provided I manage my time well and put routines in place. Creativity does not need to mean chaos and routine does not have to mean boredom.”

Josée M.
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“I’m glad because I know my energy [Genius] zones, and I know my Kinetic zones, I just need to put them in my calendar and then schedule around them”

Sidney M.
Empowered woman from Oakland, California

“I have had successes especially in planning the day before for the next day and realizing that at the end of the next day, I “My God, I did that” and I can’t describe the feeling of accomplishment of having done it, it’s like Wow! There may be a little hole here that I can get through into this other world.”

Our personal story
about the Plan to Succeed