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Unleash Your Full Potential with the

Plan to Succeed

Game-Changing Approach to Planning

Own Your Future

No more dancing to someone else's tune. Plan your work. Work your plan. Take back your life.

Prove Your Doubters Wrong

Never forget a promise or obligation again. Be the person people count on.

Take Control

Confidently control your day. When the “rubber meets the road,” you grip the road like glue.

Plan to Succeed 2.0

You asked. We delivered.

We invested years helping and working alongside Creative Geniuses to perfect  a program to let you master planning. We gathered all the comments, feedback, needs, wants, and wishes and packed them into one all-inclusive program.  

That's why Plan to Succeed 2.0 puts you in charge of your time, your business and your life. Take your productivity to heights you can’t even imagine.

Time Management DOESN’T WORK!

Not for you. Never has.

Never will!

  • Lifetime-Access to Online Portal
  •   A 'Learn by Doing' approach helps you apply what you learn
  • Group Training and Coaching Sessions with your peers
  •  One-on-One Support for your unique issues
  •  Guided workshops ensure you master each step in the planning process
  •  Private Creative Genius Community
  • Multimodal Material Delivery fits every learning style
  •  Plan to Succeed Kanban adaptation
  • Peer accountability and support 'Planning Pods'
  •  Never-before-seen bonus, Conquer Procrastination Now! and more (details below)

Plan, execute and deliver… anything.

Your Investment Pays Off Now...

(and For the Rest of Your Life)

Payment Plans That Work For You

We get it. We don’t want the stress of paying all at once to get in the way of your future. That's why we designed easy payment plans that will work for you and your budget. 

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I hope you'll join me on this video tour of Plan to Succeed 2.0


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Still have questions?

Read on!

Welcome to

Plan to Succeed 2.0

The Best-Ever Planning Program for Creative Geniuses Like You

Learn and Apply the Game-Changing  Plan to Succeed Approach to 

Own Your Future, Prove Your Doubters Wrong and Take Control of Your Life


This 15-WEEK Training Program Starts

April 13, 2022

Plan to Succeed 2.0 is the world’s best training program for entrepreneurs, professionals and adults with ADHD who want to take control of their time, and their lives. Our hands-on approach ensures you 'learn by doing.'

We know traditional 'time management' doesn't work. That's why this planning program gives you the strategies, tactics, tools you need as a Creative Genius (and makes sure you know how to use them!) To achieve peak productivity. To reach your full potential. And to have the freedom you crave.

Let's Redefine What's Possible

You CAN make a plan and follow it. I know that’s hard to imagine when…

  • Your To Do list haunts you. It’s become a To Do “book” of things you’ll never get to.
  • All your plans go off the rails… why bother?
  • It’s so hard to get started time's up before you make any progress.
  • You’re overwhelmed… there’s so much to do, you can’t decide what's next!
  • You’re reminded of everything you failed to complete, things you’ll probably never get to!
  • Constant interruptions with new emergencies put you further behind every day.
  • You can’t complete tasks, because of constant interruptions with new emergencies.
  • You over commit only to miss deadlines and disappoint colleagues and loved ones.
  • Others remind you of the commitments you missed, until they stop counting on you at all.
  • You feel plagued by self-doubt and self-criticism?
  • You’re frozen… you work best totally immersed in a project, but you can never clear your schedule to focus!
  • You can’t follow through… if you could, your life would be completely different and so much better!

And what could be worse than a reputation as someone people can't count on?

It’s painful and frustrating to know you have such potential, to try so hard and yet to always end up where you began.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  The unique wiring of your ADHD-brain holds all the formulas you need to succeed.  All you’re missing is the key to unlock your productivity.

Eliminate Self-Doubt to Send Your Life into a New Higher Trajectory

Negativity and doubts creep into how you think of yourself, robbing you of confidence and self-esteem. Do you say, “I’ll never amount to anything” or ask “What’s wrong with me?” or, “Why can’t I get this right? I work so hard and always screw up.”

Duane shared how ashamed and stuck he felt. At least he did before he started using the strategies you will put in place in this program. But it wasn’t his fault – and it’s not yours either.

  • Traditional  'time management' juggles hours, days and weeks. But a Creative Genius must manage attention, not time.
  • The popular systems overload your executive functions. They’re no help; they’re working against you.
  • Time blindness throws up roadblocks to your Creative Genius productivity that the gurus ignore.

You need a system that works with your brain. And you need a way of using it that plugs every crack things can slip through. Time management systems only lead to frustration and make you believe there’s something wrong with you.  That’s exactly what happened to Duane.  Every new course he took in 'time management' failed miserably. It almost cost him his job, his career and his family. 

Purpose-Built for Your Creative Genius Brain

Duane wasn’t broken, and neither are you. Solutions others offer are the problem… they aren’t right for your Creative Genius brain.

But now you have no reason to doubt. We’ve created the perfect program to ensure your success. What’s more, we guarantee it.

You’ll master planning for your day, for  your life, in a way that taps into your Creative Genius to become more productive than you ever imagined. How do I know you'll master it? Because we'll do it together. Hands on learning is ideal for Creative Geniuses.

I’m so proud of Plan to Succeed  2.0. We’ve learned a lot over many years working with thousands of Creative Geniuses! We boiled down their comments, feedback, needs, wants, and wishes and built THE program you need to succeed. We’ve created a guided life transformation system for Creative Geniuses, but it’s so much more.

Plan to Succeed 2.0, a program designed especially for Creative Geniuses, is crammed with techniques specifically developed for creative thinkers like you. It’s based on years of work with ADHD adults who’ve used these tools to accomplish great things! Even better, we'll work together so you master how to work the system. Nothing will fall through the cracks.

You struggle to control your day-to-day lives – personal and professional.  Surviving today so drains your energy, it's robbing you of your dreams for tomorrow.  Being able to plan, and deliver on that plan, for today and the future, will let you recapture your big dreams.  What’s more, with Plan to Succeed 2.0, you’ll accomplish them!

Run Your Life or Someone Else Will

With Plan to Succeed 2.0, quickly:

  • Master tools designed just for Creative Geniuses to plan your work and work your plan.
  • Tame your To Do list and turn it into a tool to get what you want done instead of a reminder of everything you’ll never get to.
  • Make real, measurable progress on your projects and move rapidly toward your goals.
  • Feel the thrill of crossing off tasks (without having three more replace them!)
  • Build your confidence, controlling your days and your life, a consummate professional people admire and count on.
  • Never forget a promise or obligation again!  Be someone people count on.
  • Eliminate obstacles to your productivity, and find yourself out in front, leading the pack with nothing but hours of free time open in front of you!
  • Never miss another appointment, deadline or commitment, when you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • End your fire-fighting days for good.  There’s never a crisis when you’ve planned for everything.
  • Feel competent when you can take full responsibility for your life and your success!
  • Organize time easily, zooming from a big picture view to critical details and back effortlessly.
  • Feel proud – and deservedly so – when you impress others with your newfound preparedness at meetings and events.

Plan to Succeed 2.0 is Designed Just for Creative Geniuses

Overcome your fear of planning, your memory challenges, your time blindness and your aversion to details.  When you master the logistics of planning for Creative Geniuses AND how to implement your perfect system one easy step at a time, the transformation is immediate and amazing.  Become someone everyone can count on to follow through and deliver on what you promise.

Plan to Succeed will work for you because:

  • Plan to Succeed is designed by ADHDers for ADHDers using only the latest, tested and proven Creative Genius-friendly methods and techniques.
  • Each new victory builds confidence and a well-deserved reputation for delivering and honoring commitments.  Today, you can’t even imagine the goals you’ll be able to set, let alone Plan to Succeed a year from today!
  • Your agenda becomes your sword and your shield.  You efficiently slash through any list or project, demolishing any obstacle and you fend off over-commitments with ease.
  • “To know and not to do is not to know.”  – Stephen Covey – Learn how AND put what you learn into practice.  Complete this program and KNOW how to create the life you want (and put your plan into ACTION!)
  • Each lesson is a step in the right direction that delivers results.  Think better, get organized, prioritize, plan and deliver - from day one.
  • It’s EASY and EFFECTIVE!  Using the included custom tools like worksheets, checklists, decision trees and time maps to improve your productivity now, the Plan to Succeed formula makes it easy – even FUN – to Plan to Succeed

You've heard, "Ninety percent of success is showing up. In Plan to Succeed 2.0, your odds of success are even higher. Plan to Succeed 2.0 is all about applying planning in your life. You'll apply each lesson in your life. Learn.  Apply. Transform. Repeat. Together. 

You have NOTHING to lose… except more wasted time.

Do yourself, and your loved ones, the huge favor of changing your life, and theirs, for the better!  Stop feeling broken, and truly Plan to Succeed as a Creative Genius!

Supercharged Learning for Creative Geniuses

You have 24/7 access to all training materials, downloads and instructions through a members-only website. Learn from anywhere. Learn anytime.

We Offer the Best Tools for Self-Paced Learning

You learn differently, and we've got you covered. Each lesson is delivered in:

  • short, high-quality video,
  • downloadable audio,
  • and text transcript.

No matter what your unique learning style, Plan to Succeed 2.0 works for you! Many people get great results by combining approaches like reading along with the audio recording.

But If You Work Best With People Around, We've Got You Covered

You'll have opportunities each week to work with experienced leaders and fellow participants. It's work, but work is easier with company. You've struggled alone, but you don't need to go it alone anymore.

Each person learns at a different rate. Most members complete each module in 1-2 hours per week. This is supported by a 90-minute Implementation session where we do the exercises together so you're fully supported.

What you learn is amazingly effective. You'll gain the time you invest back and more as you apply what you learn.

The Plan to Succeed 2.0 'Secret Sauce'

As amazing as the strategies are, if you can't use them in your life, they're no help to you. What makes Plan to Succeed 2.0 revolutionary is our “secret sauce.” Everything works together to help you apply these strategies in your life. That's why this program delivers real, measurable results.

You've heard, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." We use a hands-on approach to training. You're not left to figure out how to apply what to learn on your own. We show you what to do and then we work through it together. You're not alone.

If nothing has ever worked for you before, it’s time for you to redefine what's possible. No other program is purpose-built for Creative Geniuses. You apply what you learn, to…

  • Develop your unique approach to control your time, your business, and your life (using Creative Genius best practices)
  • Empower yourself (with a solid plan, a tight structure and freedom knowing you're in charge)
  • Learn to soar (with time, energy and a plan to pursue your passions)

Let us help you reach your full Creative Genius potential. We'll help  you plan for success and follow your plan. Squeeze every last drop of goodness out of every day – and live the life you crave.

The First Step to Breakthrough Thinking

The entire program is designed from the ground up and works from Day One to ensure your success. In the Bonus Quick Start Guide live kick-off session we'll help you create your roadmap to sail through this program having fun instead of being overwhelmed. Together, we'll:

  • Create an Action Plan for success – guaranteed to work (if you work it.)
  • Get your game on – we’ve gamified Plan to Succeed 2.0 to help you stick with the program.
  • Establish your "Implementation Intention" – the secret to breaking through from "dream" to DONE!
  • Complete your Plan to Succeed pre-assessment – when you know where you stand, you can head in the right direction.
  • Connect with the Creative Genius Community – connect with your fellow Creative Geniuses all participating in Plan to Succeed 2.0.
  • Connect with your Planning Pods – "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb.
  • Set you up to win – We'll make sure you don't fall behind because of a technical glitch.

Fast Forward to Through-the-Roof Productivity

  • Learning designed for you. Live sessions reveal each lesson through training, coaching, guidance, and encouragement.
  • We Make It Your Mission: After each lesson, we assign your mission for the week with precise instructions to use what you learn in your own life.
  • We help you do what you know. Because until you do, you don't really know. Together we apply each lesson. The power of camaraderie and accountability power your success.
  • Never Miss Anything. We record all live sessions. You can download them and watch at your computer or listen on the go.
  • Continue the Discussion: We’ve created a private community platform where you connect with fellow participants.
  • The Planning Pod Buddy System Works: Groups of two, three or four participants support each other through the program (and long after – many stay together for years!)
  • Celebration Time, Come On!: We hold a "graduation" celebration. You're all set for success in a balanced and fulfilling life. No system works unless you work it. But you're good to go because together we created the planning habit.

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Life Saving Advice You Can’t Afford to Miss

I want you to experience a transformation in your life. A transformation nothing short of miraculous, one like Duane and our entire family realized. That's why I’m including advanced bonus training you'll find nowhere else!


  • Conquer Procrastination Now

    JUST DO IT has NEVER worked. And that's a huge problem for many people, but it's a chronic and heartbreaking problem for adults with ADHD. That's why we developed one of the most advanced approaches to conquering procrastination ever. This step-by-step approach to overcoming procrastination is made just for Creative Geniuses like you.

    There's no one-size-fits-all solution to procrastination. Every situation demands a custom approach. And typical solutions don't work for Creative Geniuses. Years helping Creative Geniuses conquer procrastination let us create THE all-inclusive, self-paced, self-coaching procrastination program. If you struggle with procrastination, you no longer have to wait.

    Discover where procrastination is stopping you, diagnose the source and implement your custom solution. This brand new program will launch soon, and it will sell for hundreds of dollars on its own. But we wanted you to have access immediately, so we're including it as a bonus to Plan to Succeed 2.0.

    If you struggle with procrastination, this is your answer. Conquer procrastination now. Stop settling for  piecemeal patches and unreliable solutions.



  • Quick Start Guide to Creative Genius Learning

We improved the Quick Start Guide to Creative Genius Learning. Your head can take you out of the game. We reveal the Creative Genius optimal approach to learning. And we’ll help you create your roadmap to sail through this program. We've brought hands on learning to every part of this course. Learning is fun, not overwhelming. Master this strategy and apply it to any course you take – every program will double in value (or more) because you’ll finish it and use what you learn!

Your Plan to Succeed 2.0 Path to  Achieving Creative Genius Greatness

We’ve worked with thousands of Creative Geniuses over the years! There's not much we haven't learned about helping you master planning. We built the Plan to Succeed 2.0 program to deliver results.

It’s painful and frustrating to know you have such potential, to try so hard and yet to always end up where you began.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  The unique wiring of your ADHD-brain holds all the formulas you need to succeed.  All you’re missing is the key to unlock your productivity.

Three elements must align for all the potential of your Creative Genius brain to come into play:

  • Achiever’s Mental Game

Every Creative Genius must rework thought patterns etched in your brain by living in a world that doesn’t work the way you do. You need a new way of thinking about time. The right beliefs and mindset will ensure you succeed. The wrong ones will stop you dead in your tracks.

  • Achiever’s Game Plan

You need a 100% reliable planning process that works with your brain. You won’t get that from any planning system not designed for Creative Geniuses. You can’t get that from any planning system not customized for YOUR needs.

  • Achiever’s Playbook

No planning system works if you don’t work it right. You master the planning game with practice. Together, we’ll create and practice a layered approach to planning your life that delivers peak productivity AND work-life balance.

 In Plan to Succeed 2.0, we work with you every step of the way to master every aspect of planning as a Creative Genius.

You’re a Creative Genius. This is the success path to empower you to achieve full self expression and peace of mind.

Opportunity Is Knocking

You need to make a decision. A life-changing decision. 

You've weighed the pros and the cons. You talked it over. You've analyzed. You 've agonized.

I know you don't want to make the wrong decision, because deep down, you want to get it right. You need to get it right. 

But if you delay, your chance will disappear.

What Will You Regret Most?

That's the problem with decisions. The stakes always seem high. (And for Creative Geniuses, we wonder if we can take one more hit.) Because being wrong sucks.

But think of it this way. What will you regret more?

We focus on how much we will regret our decision. Even if it's something we really want to do. Because, what if it doesn't work out?

We Regret the Things We Didn't Do

But when we look back, we regret the things we didn't do.

We don't regret the things we did. After all, even if we make a huge mistake, we can fix it. We regret the things we didn't do. We regret the times we didn't take a chance on ourselves.

It's Decision Time

Now it's decision time. It's time to change your destiny. Make your move. Registration is closing soon - the countdown timer is ticking. I'll see you at the Quick Start session!


My Guarantee: The 30-Day Test Drive

The strategies we reveal (and help you implement and master) in this program have worked for thousands of people. I know it will work for you too. That's why I want you to commit to "playing full out" in this program.

Don't make a timid, half-hearted decision. Make a throw-myself-into-it-head-first decision that virtually guarantees success.

Don't do it for me. Do it for you.

I'm committed to your success so I want you to test drive the program at no risk. Throw yourself into it for the next 30 days. If you give it a genuine go and you don’t feel I delivered on my promise, ask for a refund. I'll give you your money back.

Registration for Plan to Succeed 2.0 is now closed. Please register below to receive updates about the next session.

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Where Will You Be One Year from Now?

A year from now, you will arrive. The question is… where? Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.

Go ahead and register for Plan to Succeed 2.0.

What other people are saying...
about Plan to Succeed

Company President from
Montreal, Canada

“...the Plan to Succeed program -- it has been extremely helpful and has really impacted my life positively. I feel much more in control of my time and have managed to find better balance in my life.”


in Social Development from Ontario

" I can best explain the changes in my life through its emotional impact. Near the beginning of the course, I cried a couple of times. They were mostly cathartic cries. I was anxious at the beginning... I considered asking for a refund, because I decided a planning course really wasn’t going to help me. But I decided I should stick with it for at least one or two more weeks. I’m so very glad I did!"

Research Scientist from

The program definitely helped. Structuring my days better, much easier to track my tasks cross project and record delegation of tasks. I'm having to remember less in my brain. That's helping me be clearer across the day. I also recognise my biggest compounding factor is overcommitment, which I will be focusing on next! It's clear to me that that is what is fueling the stress and work hours. Our last goals session have also helped me reflect on the other things I want to have in my life, so overcommitment at work must be overcome to achieve these - I want to!


Isabelle Delaney,
Counsellor from

The program has helped me find my confidence back. I learned a lot about what the source of my difficulties were and what can help alleviate the negative consequences linked to not understand why the difficulties were there in the first place. I understood that I can do the job I want to do, provided I manage my time well and put routines in place. Creativity does not need to mean chaos and routine does not have to mean boredom.

Sidney M.,
Empowered woman from Oakland, California

“I’m really happy with the things I’ve done. It’s a huge difference from just taking the meds and saying oh well!”


Josée M.,
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“I’m so much calmer and I think it’s the confidence too, much more confident...”

from Charleston, West Virginia

“The idea of keeping project notes was alone worth the cost of the class. That one tiny piece of information alone for ME was invaluable based on my needs. I knew that as soon as I learned about it that this was what was missing for my writing projects.”


Colette Sosnowy,
Researcher from Providence, RI

The PTS course offered so much more than I expected! I learned tremendously about myself, my challenges, and my thinking.


About our approach to Creative Genius learning ...


in Social Development, from Ontario

The materials we received were very useful, and I will refer back to them in the future when I need a refresher. All the forms of support – pods, business hours to ask questions 1-on-1, productivity hours with body doubling and the planning clinics – contributed to me learning so much from the course, implementing what I learned, and improving my productivity and wellbeing. 

Kurt Schroeder,
Insurance Sales, from Illinois

“...the first thing [you told us] was, ‘Don't sit through the course and tell myself that I will apply everything after I've learned it all.’…  That is exactly what I would have done had you not put it in the context that you put it in. And I did apply things as they came up.”

About the weekly missions…


from Charleston, West Virginia

“Very helpful was... good advice and encouraging words from Duane and Linda about feeling free to experiment and try new things and not to be discouraged if they don't work and to try again”


in Social Development, from Ontario

“…so many incredibly insightful personal experiences and shared them in such a way that I got it the first time and wow, experiences that I will be reflecting on for a very long time.”

Kurt Schroeder,
Insurance Sales, Illinois

“It was wonderful to share experiences, ask questions, get advice on applying the lesson, and other aspects.”

About working in a group...

Josée M.,
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“but it’s great because I see all your accomplishments and how happy everybody is and even if it’s a tiny one, it’s a tiny one... I cherish these calls… usually I start something and then wiggle out but with this program, I can’t wait to see you all, see how your weeks went.”

About Planning Pods…


in Social Development, from Ontario

“The pods were probably what convinced me (as the “cherry on the cake”) because from past experience I know they can be a tremendous support. We continue to meet twice a week to plan and support each other. I really enjoy our sessions.

Josée M.,
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“…a realization that I’m not alone, hey there are other people that are struggling too and it’s great to laugh and to hear everybody’s victories, it just makes me happy, it really does.”

About the Creative Genius lifestyle...

Sidney M.,
Empowered woman, from Oakland, California

I have a really clear picture of what I need to get my sleep be really regular so I’ve had it going on… wow boy I’m really in the captain’s seat now…. So I’m pretty much in charge of my sleep.”

Susan M.,
Entrepreneur, from Oregon

"I'm getting more done, I have some more time for myself, I have a plan for exercise..."

Kurt Schroeder,
Insurance Sales, from Illinois

"I have become so conscious of what I should eat and what I shouldn’t eat... [I] went off my eating plan… and I noticed after one day what a mistake that was and I got back on it and I’m doing better again”

Susan M.,
Entrepreneur, from Oregon

"Shutting down the negative narrative and replacing with the positive one is enormous, it’s not just in de-talk to yourself, you’re doing something really astonishing to your brain when you’re being positive as opposed to negative."

About achieving peak productivity...


in Social Development, from Ontario

“I have changed so much over the course and I continue to make improvements. All the components in the course worked so well together.”

Isabelle Delannoy,

Counsellor from England

“...I can do the job I want to do, provided I manage my time well and put routines in place. Creativity does not need to mean chaos and routine does not have to mean boredom.”

Josée M.
Entrepreneur from Quebec, Canada

“I’m glad because I know my energy [Genius] zones, and I know my Kinetic zones, I just need to put them in my calendar and then schedule around them”

Sidney M.
Empowered woman from Oakland, California

“I have had successes especially in planning the day before for the next day and realizing that at the end of the next day, I “My God, I did that” and I can’t describe the feeling of accomplishment of having done it, it’s like Wow! There may be a little hole here that I can get through into this other world.”

Our personal story
about the Plan to Succeed